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  • Rent a CFO/controller services - A Chief Financial Officer focuses on 3 areas: present financial state, reporting of past transactions and future areas of investment. Even a small business person needs to focus on these areas, yet few do.  We can be your part-time CFO/Controller for only the hours you need.


  • Tax planning - Ever had an “April Surprise”? Unexpected year-end taxes can cause serious disruption for a business. Planning to ensure that your tax obligations don’t cause a cash crunch is important and we can help you.


  • Assistance in preparing for audits - The dreaded audit isn’t quite so bad when you have our professional help. We have the experience to help you through them. Department of Revenue and other state audits are a lot easier when you have us backing you.


  • Preparation for audited or reviewed financial statements - Does your bank or other organization require financial statements with a report issued by a CPA firm?  We can help!  We can save you fees and help with independence.  Let us look for problem areas and weaknesses in internal control and assist you in correcting those issues BEFORE the CPA firm comes in.


  • Affordable Healthcare Act business strategies - Obamacare requirements can be a scary thing.  We can help you lay out a roadmap to help figure out if the ACA act applies to you and what steps are needed to comply.  We can also help determine what options there are and what the act may cost you.


  • New business startup services - Save yourself from hours of stress and headaches down the road when you try to piece together information from a jumble of records.  We can help you get on the track from day one by setting up a streamlined system that gives you the information you need to run your business and to comply with reporting requirements.


  • Creating, monitoring and managing budgets - This is a critical area for a resource constrained company. Do you know how much you are spending and where you are spending it? Do you know how much cash you need for future operations?


  • Strategic planning - Where do you want to be in one year? Two years? Five? Understanding your road-map and where it is taking you is critical to making your business a continued success.


  • Accounting software support and training - With the right software, a lot of your financial activities are a lot easier. Make sure you have the right software and that it is working effectively for you. Use QuickBooks?  We have deep experience with QuickBooks.  We can provide support and training to help you and your bookkeeper to be more efficient and effective.


  • Customized management reporting - Your business is unique and efficiently understanding it makes your job a lot easier.  We can help design customized reporting that provides you with the information you really need.


  • Ongoing business consulting - Customized to meet your needs.


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